How To Create, Download and Share Invoices With Invoice Browse Application

After you fulfill your order your are ready to create the associated invoice for it, download it and print it for the package.

To create an invoice it is very simple, you need to select the order from the dashboard list and press Create button as you can see in the picture below:

Create Invoicepng.png

Select the issue date for your invoice. Note that for future invoices only dates after last selected date are allowed. For instance, if you created an invoice today, you cannot create your next invoices on the day before.

Select Date.png

If by mistake you created an invoice with the wrong date, don’t worry, you can revert the system back from Profile Settings screen, check the picture below:


Note that by reverting the system back to a previous date, all the invoices created after that date will be deleted, and current invoice number will be reverted to the last created invoice at that date.

Downloading an invoice is very simple, you just need to select the invoice from the Dashboard list and click on the Download button. You can choose to download all the invoices (bulk) between a selected range and export them as Zip or Excel file to sent them to your accountant for archiving.

Sharing an invoice with your customer is also very simple as described in the following picture: