3 Steps To Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page With Growth Connections

Increase audience on Facebook with Growth Connections


So you are the owner of an online store and you want to boost your sales?

You can use Growth Connections and Facebook to do that. 

1. Create a new Facebook Page for your online store (you probably have one already).

2. Open Growth Connections app and create a new Get Feedback campaign.

Go to Spreading step and check Option Show Facebook Like Button.

Enter the address of your Facebook page.

Go to Installation step and Save your campaign.


Each time a visitor gives you his feedback about your store, he will also have the option to like your page.


3. Create a Capture with your campaign to connect with your customers

4. This is it, you wait for results. You should get the following benefits from this action:

- you capture more emails, that means more clients!

- you get feedback about your store, you increase the quality of your services!

- you increase your audience and boost your Facebook page, again more clients!

- in the end, sales will boost