How To Build A Marketing Campaign For Your Product With Growth Connections

This is a tutorial explaining how to use our Marketing Campaign Builder.

To create a Marketing Campaign with Growth Connections it is very simple.

Go to Dashboard and click on Create a new Campaign green button the follow then steps:

  1. Campaign Type: Choose the type of the campaign. Every campaign type has a small description of their usage. When you decide what is best for you, click on one of the options and then click on Next button.
  2. Basic Information:
    • Enter the title of your campaign. This title will be displayed on browsers tabs.
    • Enter a description of your campaign. This is used for page metadata. Give a good quick description of what it is your product about.
    • Upload the favicon for your campaign. This icon will be recognized and used by browsers for tabs.
    • Setup number of winners: How many participants will win your prize after this campaign will end.
    • Country, Region: Used for SEO, specify the Country&Region where this campaign will be launched.
    • Click Next button.
  3. Joining: In this step, you will configure the form used by participants to join your campaign
    • Fill the message to encourage participants to join. 
    • Add custom form fields to request more data from participants.
    • Fill the message you will show after the form is submitted.
    • Optionally, redirect the visitor to a new page after the form is submitted.
    • Specify the caption of the Call to Action button.
    • Click Next button.
  4. Connectors: Sync leads with your favorite tool.
    • Enable MailChimp connector if you want to sync leads with MailChimp. You need to provide MailChimp API Key and the List-Id to complete this configuration.
    • Enable Freshdesk connector if you want to sync leads with Freshdesk. You need to provide Freshdesk API Key and Domain name to complete this configuration.
    • Enable GetResponse connector if you want to sync leads with GetResponse. You need to provide GetResponse API Key and a Campaign or List Key to complete this configuration.
    • Enable Slack connector if you want to sync leads with Slack. You need to provide Slack API Key and Channel Id to complete this configuration.
    • Enable HubSpot connector if you want to sync leads with HubSpot. You need to provide only an API Key to complete this configuration.
    • Click Next button.
  5. Spreading: Customize the screen through which people will invite their friends. This will make your campaign popular.
    • Specify the message about how to encourage participants to invite their friends
    • Specify a message about the current rank on the waiting list
    • Select the social networks names where you want to announce your campaign. We support sharing buttons for the social networks (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, Reddit), for sending a direct email or sharing a public referral link
    • Click Next button
  6. Duration: Configure what participants will see when the campaign ends
    • Using the calendar pick up a date when your campaign will expire
    • Specify the message you want to show to participants after your campaign will expire.
    • Click Next button
  7. Notifications: Configure the content of the emails participants and the owner of the campaign will receive
    • Configure From email address of the email that participants will receive. Usually, it is your contact email address.
    • The Subject of the email that participants will receive.
    • The content of the email that participants will receive.
    • Repeat the same steps to configure the email that owner will receive.
    • Click on Next button
  8. Content: Configure the content of the campaign. Select a theme for your campaign. You can use Classic (content and product picture/video will be displayed in the middle of the screen), Split (Form on the left of the screen, product picture/video on the right) or Landscape(Product picture/video on the top, form on the bottom of the screen) themes. 
    • Select a logo picture for your campaign (Optionally). This will be displayed above the text of the campaign. 
    • Select a picture or YouTube video to use as a background.
    • Select a picture or YouTube video about your product.
    • Add some text to describe your campaign and encourage participants to fill the form.
    • Optionally, enable and write Terms and Conditions. We provide a comprehensive template for terms and conditions where the fields to be replaced are highlighted with yellow color.
  9. Styling: Refine the look and feel of your campaign page
    • Install some Google Fonts, by default Roboto font it is used
    • From Typography, select the element and the font you want to assign to it. Take a look at the preview, it is automatically updating when you do changes
    • Change colors if you like for elements on the page
    • Adjust border-radius for the content frame and call to action button
  10. Installation: Final step to install the campaign on your website
    • Optionally from this section, you can assign a custom domain to the campaign page. 
    • Configure how the campaign should look like: you can select to show it as popup dialog or slide panel showing up from a corner of the screen
    • You can also configure if the campaign should show when the user has to intent to exit the page
    • Copy the code we generate and Paste it into your page BODY/FOOTER section

Click on Create Campaign button and You are done! You created your first marketing campaign with Growth Connections.