How To Synchronize Growth Connections' Verified Contacts With MailChimp

This is a tutorial to help you configure MailChimp connector that will push verified contacts to MailChimp lists.

From the  dashboard click to Edit your campaign.


Go to Connectors step and turn on MailChimp switch. 


Now you need to enter MailChimp API Key and List-Id.

See the following video to find out your MailChimp API Key.

To find your List-Id, read this article.

By default, Growth Connections' connector will send to MailChimp List the following information about the subscriber:

- email address

- date of registration

- IP address

- status, set to subscribed

Growth Connection collects more information about subscribers that you can map optionally to MailChimp like Full Name, Phone, City, Region, Country, Given Feedback, Feedback Message.

To connect these fields with MailChimp you need to add extra fields to your list as follows:

1. Open your list and go to Settings->List fields and Merge tags

2. Add the following text fields: Full Name, Phone, City, Region, Country, Rating, Message and for each add the following tags: GCNAME, GCPHONE, GCCITY, GCREGION, GCCOUNTRY, GCFEEDBACK, GCMSG. Check the picture below with the final configuration.

This is it, now every verified contact is pushed to the configured MailChimp list.