How To Install Or Uninstall Growth Connections Application On Your Shopify Store

This is a tutorial that will help you install or uninstall Growth Connections' app to a Shopify Store website.


To install our application go to Shopify store here and click on GET button.

Then approve the installation by clicking Install app button.

This is it, our app has been provisioned to your store and you can start using it. After installation, you will be redirected to application Dashboard where you can start creating your first campaign. 

Another way of finding Growth Connections application is using the action menu from Discounts store's admin section:

From our app Dashboard screen, to create your first campaign you need to click on Create your first campaign button:


Then watch our youtube tutorials for a better understanding of the campaign builder options:



Important: If you subscribed to one of our paid plans, it is recommended that before you uninstall Growth Connections application to cancel your subscription. To do this, go to your profile and click on Cancel Subscription button to stop recurrent payments.


After the subscription has been canceled, go to your store's administration console, on application section and remove our application:


And confirm removal by clicking on red Unistall button.


This will remove all deployed scripts from our application so no other manual task is necessary to remove Growth Connections' application trails on your website.