Email Marketing

7 Powerful Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Email List

Email list is the key to any marketing strategy. This is the main communication channel with your clients to announce new products, to make a blog post popular or to send them your special offers.

1. Growth Connections

With Growth Connections you can build Opt-In Forms that can be easily integrated with any website (WordPress, Squarespace or others). You can add custom form fields and it is very customizable. Shows popups on exit intent and has three type of opt-in forms: fade-in corner (left, right -bottom/top corner), popup dialog (in the middle of the screen) and inline (between page content).


2. Pipidity 

A Wordpress plugin to build opt-in forms. Pippity comes with 20 themes. Quick-styles will get you started fast or you can take the reigns and customize every aspect of your design.


3. Ninja Popups

Wordpress plugin. Comes with a lot of predefined professionally designed templates. 


4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster comes with 65+ predefined templates and also has Exit-Intent detections.


5. Unbounce

Launch targeted tools like popups and sticky bars on any web page, each with a dedicated call to action.

Customizable triggers and targeting rules give you full control over who sees your offers and when, so you can serve the most relevant offers to the right audience.


6. ExitMonitor

ExitMonitor tracks the movement of the mouse to detect if the user will exit your website and show targeted offers.


7. Constantcontact

Constant Contact professional, mobile-optimized sign-up forms are designed to match your brand and built to turn website visitors into new contacts. Dynamic forms come with advanced behavioral triggers, so you can customize how and when forms display on your website—such as when visitors are about to leave a page.


3 Steps To Build Opt-In Popups With Growth Connections

A simple way to capture emails with Growth Connections

Growth Connections Campaigns can be used on your website to capture visitors emails. This allows you to sync with your customers and sent to them offers, product updates or announcements.

To create a Capture using an existing campaign it is very simple.

1. Open Campaign editor and go to the Installation step



2. Go to section Embed campaign to your website and change the following settings with these values:

Position: Center Modal

Width: Your choice here, you can try with 600px

Height: Again your choice but you can try with 1024px

Show Popup on Exit Intent: Checked. This means that the popup will show when user will leave the browser tab.

Display Popup After: 1 millisecond. We want to show our popup immediately after the user moves the mouse pointer on the tabs, i.e. has the intention of leaving the page.

Popup Display Frequency: Here is your choice but we recommend not show the popup window too aggressively because this can be frustrating to the visitors. So Once Per Day might be the right choice for most of the cases.

3. Copy the code that has been generated and paste it in your page inside the body element.

You made it! Your first Capture!

Popup dialog is displayed when the user moves the mouse over the browser tab toolbar. We detect that user has the intention of leaving the page. This is the right time to show your offer.