Landing Pages

We prepared for your the best and most common landing pages templates used for online marketing campaigns 

Classic Layout with the form showing up in the middle of the screen. You can use YouTube videos as background or pictures.

Landscape Layout showing on the top the picture with your product and below the form that user needs to fill to subscribe. For both areas, you can use YouTube videos as background or pictures.

Split Layout showing form on the left side and product on the right side. For both areas, you can use YouTube videos as background or pictures.



Apply brand rules on your campaigns with our real-time styling editor

Custom Form Fields

Capture more information about your customer. Add more fields to your opt-in forms.


You can customize everything on your marketing campaign page: page color, button color, input fonts, frame transparency and many more.

Adding custom fields you can create reach questionnaires to get comprehensive feedback from existing customers and improve your service quality.


QR Code

Google Fonts

You can set the text font to use nice Google Fonts for Headings or Paragraphs. This will make your marketing campaign page look more appealing.

 Try it! Scan this with your phone.

Try it! Scan this with your phone.

Share marketing campaigns page with QR Code stickers. It is very simple to do that. We generate for you the QR Code for your marketing campaign page that you can download as  PDF and print later on.


Monitor Campaign Efficiency

We are tracking four factors to compute a social K-Factor score which indicates the growth rate of your campaign. These factors are:

Marketing Campaigns dashboard showing K-Factor score.

  1. Number of views: How many times your campaign page has been open
  2. Number of shares: How many times your campaign page has been shared to social media networks after user registration
  3. Number of clicks: Home many times your campaign has been open from a referral
  4. Number of subscribers: How many users subscribed to your campaign

We use the following formula to compute the social K-Factor score:

CR (Conversion Rate from Referrals) = (Number of Subscribers) * 100 / (Number of Clicks from share)

K-Factor = (number of shares) * CR / 1000

Marketing Campaigns Dashboard

For each marketing campaign, you can monitor the growth factors. To do A/B testing, we allow you to duplicate them.


Leads Triage with Double Opt-In

We protect your marketing campaign from fake email addresses with Google ReCaptcha and Double Opt-In features. Each subscriber has to validate their registration from a confirmation email that we send. You can customize the content of the confirmation emails.

 Setup confirmation email from Campaign Editor

Setup confirmation email from Campaign Editor

 Mobile ready Layouts

We tested our campaigns on different devices from Android, iOS tablets or phones to desktop high-resolution screens.

Desktop - MacBook Pro Retina

 Mobile - iPhone 7 Plus

Mobile - iPhone 7 Plus


Built-In Search Engine OptimiZation

We ask you all the necessary information to make your marketing campaign page ready for search engines. All our marketing campaign templates are mobile ready and they load very fast. You can customise logo image, browser icon and sharing icon for your campaign.



Integration With Exiting websites

Installation Step

You can embed your marketing campaign page to any existing websites without writing code. The only thing to do is to select the way you want to display your campaign and copy the code we generate.

We know how to display campaigns in four different ways:

  1. On the left or right top corner of the screen
  2. On the left or right bottom corner of the screen
  3. In the center of the screen as a popup window
  4. Inline among with existing content on the page

Marketing campaigns content is displayed when the user has the intent to leave the page.