General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Compliance)


This is an article to understand how Growth Connections helps you to adhere to European General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

In May 2018, The European Union (EU) is instituting a new privacy law that will affect all business that collects personal data of EU citizens. This applies even to business outside Europe. This law is called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

GDPR Introduces new regulation that may affect Growth Connections users.

Key points of the change

- By default, Growth Connections users, no matter what is the subscription plan, free or paid, are handling opt-ins in a GDPR compliant manner. Growth Connections collects the opt-in stamp, IP Address, Country, Region and campaign name of each of your contacts who register for a Growth Connection powered form. We make it incredibly quick and easy for you to search customer data in your Growth Connection account and if requested, delete it with the click of a button.

- GDPR is focused on storing, using, transmitting and deleting personal information of EU citizens.

- The regulation requires that EU citizens take an action to consent to the use of their personal data.

- If a customer of yours asks, you will need to be able to share with them all the personal information you have stored and been ready to delete that information in a timely manner, if requested.


How Growth Connections helps you achieve GDPR compliance

By default, any visitor to your site who is presented with a Growth Connection opt-in form can only submit their personal information by intentionally taking the action of typing in their information and submitting the form. This is considered an explicit opt-in action. Furthermore, contact information (campaign name, country, region, IP, timestamp and all requested fields) is stored as soon as visitor submits on your form.


If a customer of yours reaches out to you under GDPR guidelines and requests you to delete all their information, we make this very quick and easy for you to do. You delete their record from your account, and thus, from Growth Connections database.

Further recommendations 

All Growth Connections opt-in forms are properly handling storage, timestamps and data in a compliant manner, as we described above. We do also recommend that on your Growth Connections forms you also state that by registering for your form, the contact agrees and understands that you will do any of the following:

- Store their contact info in your account database

- Send them marketing or other emails

- Track interactions with your website for your marketing campaigns and advertisement placement purposes.

- You do not sell personal information or commercialize it in any form

This article is provided as a resource to help understand what Growth Connections has tone to ensure GDPR compliance.

This is not a legal advice and you can still lead to non-compliance GDPR if you abuse our the platform.