Invoice Browse User Manual


To install our application go to Shopify store here and click on GET button.

Then approve the installation by clicking Install app button.

This is it, our app has been provisioned to your store and you can start using it. After installation, you will be redirected to application Dashboard where you can start managing your orders and create invoices.


Important: If you subscribed to one of our paid plans, it is recommended that before you uninstall Invoice Browse application to cancel your subscription. To do this, go to your profile and click on Cancel Subscription button to stop recurrent payments.

After the subscription has been canceled, go to your store's administration console, on application section and remove our application:

And confirm removal by clicking on red Unistall button. Optionally, you can tell us your reason of uninstalling our app, it would help us to improve our application.

This will remove all deployed scripts from our application so no other manual task is necessary to remove Invoice Browse' application trails on your website.


Steps to fulfill an order are very simple:

  1. Call your customer to confirm your order

    • Go to Dashboard screen

    • Click on Order number

    • Click on the phone number

If your customer has confirmed on the phone the order, then you can fulfill your order by pressing Mark all products as fulfilled button.

You are done, all products are fulfilled.


After you fulfill your order your are ready to create the associated invoice for it, download it and print it for the package.

To create an invoice it is very simple, you need to select the order from the dashboard list and press Create button as you can see in the picture below:

Select the issue date for your invoice. Note that for future invoices only dates after last selected date are allowed. For instance, if you created an invoice today, you cannot create your next invoices on the day before.

If by mistake you created an invoice with the wrong date, don’t worry, you can revert the system back from Profile Settings screen, check the picture below:

Note that by reverting the system back to a previous date, all the invoices created after that date will be deleted, and current invoice number will be reverted to the last created invoice at that date.

Downloading an invoice is very simple, you just need to select the invoice from the Dashboard list and click on the Download button. You can choose to download all the invoices (bulk) between a selected range and export them as Zip or Excel file to sent them to your accountant for archiving.

Sharing an invoice with your customer is also very simple as described in the following picture:


Invoice Browse has integration with GLS AWB for Eastern Europe countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia, Croatia.

To setup GLS you need to go to Profile Settings -> AWB Labels.

Check Enable and then fill the required GLS account settings. Contact GLS to get the necesary information.

Click Save Changes button.

After GLS has been enabled, then you can generate AWBs for all your orders with Invoice Browse application from order’s screen as follows:

Note: Creating AWBs will also mark automatically your orders as fulfilled. If autopilot is on, invoices are created automatically after fulfillment.


Q: How do I synchronization invoice numbers with order numbers?

A: By default Invoice Browse will start with invoice number 0. To change this number you need to go to settings and change Current Invoice Number value field.

Q: Invoices have wrong numbers. How do I reorder them?

A: Once invoices are created, you cannot change the numbers of the invoices. But, what you can do is to delete them and re-create with a different starting number. To delete them you need to revert the system to the date when the first invoice has been created. To do this you need to go to your profile and select the corresponding date when you want to revert and click Revert to this date button.

Q: How do I add my logo to the invoice?

Then go to Profile Settings-> Templates -> Invoice -> Styling ->Logo.

Choose a picture from the gallery or upload a new one.

Click on Save Changes button.

Note: You logo picture has to be in contrast with white paper color. Otherwise it will not be visible on the paper.

Q: What is a storno invoice?

A: The practice of using negative numbers to reverse original journal account entries is called Storno accounting. A storno invoice is practically reversing the initial issued invoice. Because invoices cannot be effectively deleted from accounting journals, when you have a cancelled order, you need to storno associated invoice.

Q: I'm not a developer but I want to customize my Invoice template. How can I do that?

A: By default, Invoice Browse allows you to change apply the following customizations for your template:

  • change colors

  • change paper size

  • change paper orientation

  • setup the company logo

However, you cannot change the layout of the default template. To do that you need to Install additional templates or create new templates.

We can create personalised invoice templates for all customers that are subscribed to Enterprise plan.

Q: I cannot download invoices. I click on download button and nothing happens. Why?

Invoice Browse has been tested on the following browsers: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari. However, we recommend Chrome browse for downloading bulk invoices. If you use Chrome browser already and download still does not work, there are some things to check:

  • disable adblocker if any

  • allow popups for our website, when you download invoices browser might block the popup

  • try to download a small batch of invoices. We do support download of a batch containing up to 2500 invoices but we recommend download smaller batches. 50 invoices in a batch is optimal

  • nothing works? please contact us via in-app chat window and we will definetly solve the issue for you

Q: I'm from India and I'm using GST, not VTA, how can I do the setup for GST?

You can override taxes for products and shipment from Bookkeeping->Invoicing->Check override taxes.

Also, you need to create a custom template to change VTA text to GST. To do that, go to Design Templates->Create New Template

Make sure your new template is marked as primary. To check that, go to About section from your new template, and see if Is Primary checkbox is checked. Note: Only one template can be primary.

Q: How can I add payment method to my template?

Use the following parameter: {{invoice.paymentMethod}}

Q: How can I add order number to my template?

Use the following parameter: {{order.order_number}}. Note, any property of the orders can be access with prefix {{order.property_name}}.

Q: Can I create #if #else statements in my template based on invoice or order variables?

Yes, we are using mustache templating system. To learn more about mustache, go to their Github page:

Q: Can I export my invoices to UBL format?

Yes, you need to select invoiced orders and use the right top green Download button. Then from the options dialog, select UBL Xml as format.

Q: Can I copy invoices to Google Drive?

Yes, that is actually simple to do, go to Delivery->Connect with Google Drive. You need to login with your Google account and accept the consent.

After this is enabled, each time an invoice is issued it will be exported as PDF and copied to Google Drive.

Q: Why paying for Invoice Browse and not use a free application?

Invoice Browse is meant to help you and your accountant keeping evidence of invoices in a more simple way. Shopify allocates a number for each order for a location, but when you do a refund, the refund itself has the same number as the order, which, from the accounting point of view, is not correct. More, in some countries, reporting to authorities requires export to Excel or UBL format.